Boot Camp at Seaway Mall Showing Potential of an Automotive Trade

Boot Camp at Seaway Mall Showing Potential of an Automotive Trade

Feb. 02, 2022

When you are in high school, it isn’t easy to do know to do with the rest of your life. Should you go to university or college? One group is trying to tell young people that there are options in the trades they might not have considered before. Support Ontario Youth (SOY) is helping students by offering concentrated boot camps offering different fields like electrical or automotive trades. Craig Brockwell is the director of external affairs for SOY said the students who participate in the program also get to take more $250 worth of tools.

“They have a variety of different exercises. So, we've got the pit crew challenge where they're getting a little taste of changing out tires in a different environment. Then they go through a couple of different exercises with different motors.”

While one group did that, another was learning skills like resume writing and how to connect with employers. “All of those different things have helped them gain employment down the road and keep employment,” said Brockwell. In addition to the pit crew challenge, students would learn about circuits, drum brakes or engines in different activities. “We have a tendency in society to look at post-secondary education in a vertical framework. So, universities first the highest rung on the ladder, I mean, at college and then we have the trades. We should actually look at it horizontally,” he said. He said their group set a goal of recruiting 140 kids into apprenticeships by the end of their year. He said they already have over 500. He said their group works with both apprentices and employers to keep both groups happy. “Ultimately, the goal is for the apprentices to become journeymen,” he said. For more information on Support Ontario Youth, visit their website at



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